skin tags | How to Remove a Skin Tag ?

How to Remove a Skin Tag ? : Skin_tags might be bothering you, especially when you have a tag in a highly_visible place of your body.

Although skin tags are not cancerous or harmful in any way to your body but it is an unwanted thing which can affect your appearance. It can be on your eyes, face, neck, shoulder or any other place which is quite_visible. Then you may opt for removing it safely from your skin.

There are various cosmetic procedures for it but it can be too much costly. Do not worry, we are providing you a lot of effective and safe home remedies so that you can remove a skin_tag from your body. With no side-effects you can use these remedies at home according to your comfort.

#1) Skin Tag Removal Using Dental_Floss

By tying off skin tags you can stop the blood circulation and oxygen supply to that portion and as a result it dries off and falls down. Ligation is the other name you can give it to this

procedure. It is very popular among people as it is inexpensive and quite easy to follow. You can take help of somebody to wrap the floss_around that skin tag. Before wrapping the skin tag with floss, you should first clean and sanitize the area where it resides so that there will

be less chances of any other skin infection. Wrap the skin tag with a string tightly at the_root of it. Keep tightening it daily so that skin tag does not get blood supply until you get the desired result.

After 2-4 days the skin tag will turn black in color. Within a week or so you will get rid of your skin tag. Indeed, it is one of the simplest ways to remove a skin tag.

#2) Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of a Skin Tag

Apple cider vinegar can be used to remove a skin tag naturally. In a simple procedure, you just need to apply apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball to that area where skin tag lies.

Repeat it 3 times a day. In a week or so your skin tag will start changing its color to black. It dries off and fall off eventually without leaving any visible mark or scar on your_skin.

#3) Use Liquid Nitrogen to Remove a Skin Tag

You can opt to freeze off your skin tag using liquid nitrogen. It is a simple home_remedy. Buy a liquid nitrogen spray from chemist shop and apply it on your skin tag at home.

In a week or two you will see the desired result. So, just freeze off your wart or skin tag and get rid of it naturally.

#4) Tea Tree Oil for Removing Skin Tag

Tea tree oil can be equally beneficial to remove a skin tag. Though it doesn’t smell good but why not try it to get rid of your skin_tags. Firstly, clean the area around the skin tag with soap and water. Now, using a Q-tip apply 2-3 drops of tea tree oil to the skin tag.

Repeat this process 3-4 times a day. After a week tag will darken up and eventually falls off without leaving any scar. You can dilute the tea tree oil in case it causes irritation. Dilute it using equal proportion of coconut oil. Try covering the skin tag with a band-aid or plaster for getting results fast.

#5) Use Lemon Juice to Scrape off a Skin Tag

Lemon juice contains citric acid and has many antiseptic and anti bacterial_properties. It can help you in drying out the skin tags with much ease by decomposing the cells.

Take out some lemon_juice and apply it on skin tags using a cotton ball. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day. Keep repeating it for a week or so until the skin tag falls off.

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