Top 5 Home Remedies for Wrinkles

With the elevation of living standards, people have become more conscious of their looks. As an individual reaches the age of forty, their skin begins to develop wrinkles. This is particularly common in women who face inferiority complex when blending in their respective societies. There are many wrinkle-free creams available in the market which promise of a wrinkle-free face but are ineffective to achieve their objective. In such a situation we may turn to the various home remedies which can be easily prepared with the products given to us by Mother Nature. The biggest advantage of home remedies lies in the very fact that they do not possess any side-effects. Moreover, they help remove our wrinkles naturally and improve the overall texture of the skin giving us a youthful look.
1. Aloe vera
Among the famed home remedies for wrinkles aloe vera may find special mention due to its ability to enhance the elasticity of the skin. The presence of malic acids in aloe vera is very beneficial in the treatment of wrinkles. The biggest advantage of aloe vera is that we can even grow them in our personal garden and it can be considered a really cheap choice for treatment. Applying them for treatment is also very easy as we just need to cut the aloe vera leaf and apply the gel on the face for just fifteen to twenty minutes. Aloe vera can be considered a very potent medicine in the treatment of wrinkles as their regular application can ensure complete removal of wrinkles along with a healthy skin.
2. Fenugreek Paste
Fenugreek paste is a magical option in terms of effectiveness in the treatment of wrinkles. Fenugreek is a wonderful amalgam of various vitamins and minerals which can act as an effective neutralizer against wrinkle formation and help aid in the reduction of fine lines. Amongst the home remedies for wrinkles, fenugreek paste is one of those rare products which can also inhibit hair loss. The overall effectiveness of fenugreek paste in the treatment of wrinkles can be felt within seven days of use. The fine lines tend to get lighter accompanied by a refreshed skin texture. In order to apply fenugreek to the wrinkled area, we need to grind fenugreek and make a fine paste. Once ready we must leave it overnight for best results.
3. Pineapple
The presence of enzymes in pineapple gives it an ability which can help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.  They can play a dual role in maintaining the moisture content of the skin as well as eliminating wrinkles. It also has vitamin and fiber content which is beneficial for the health of our skin. While discussing home remedies for wrinkles pineapple must definitely find a place on that list. We just have to cut the fruit and apply its flesh gently on the face. After application, we must not wash our face for twenty to twenty-five minutes.
4. Yoghurt Mask
Yoghurt mask can also prove to be a great choice amongst home remedies for wrinkles. We need to make a solution using one tablespoon of yogurt and one tablespoon of honey. Now we need to add one-fourth cup of banana and half a tablespoon of orange juice. Once the mixing is properly done, we need to apply them to the wrinkles and leave them for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Once it dries up simply wash your face with cold water.
5. Lentil Mask
We may have heard of many home remedies for wrinkles but one of the most unlikely options that we may not have used before is a lentil mask. We need to mix a half cup of tomato puree and another half cup of lentil powder. After mixing the ingredients well we can apply it on the wrinkles on the face and neck and wash it off with water for fifteen minutes.


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