Top 5 Home Remedies for Pimples

There are many available pimple treatments on the market. They can be cream, toner, facial cleanser, and even supplements. While there is nothing wrong with using and patronizing these kinds of pimple treatment, you should still practice prudence in evaluating certain skin care products, as some contain chemicals that can put you in worse condition. Using all-natural methods, however, is risk-free and effective. In this list, we discuss 5 different home remedies for pimples using readily available ingredients. Before we start, you should remember that above all else, when the condition seems to worsen despite faithful application, going to the dermatologist is still the best option.
1– Tea Tree Oil and Other Essential Oils
Tea tree oil, an essential oil taken out from the leaves of tea tree (scientific name: Melaleuca alternifolia) that is native to Australia, is also famous for its antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties, thus an effective pimple treatment. To make use of the essential oil, simply pour some drops of it on a clean cotton swab or even on your fingertip and gently apply it to your pimples. Even with a small amount, the essential oil can go deep to unclog and disinfect the pores, clean out the sebaceous glands, and treat whiteheads and blackheads together with the pimples. You can also make a paste out of other essential oils, such as mixing together honey, lavender essential oil, and tea tree oil to make a solution, not just to treat pimples and acne but also to help reduce acne scars
2– Toothpaste
Guess toothpaste is not just for the teeth, right? It’s being used to shine virtually all things up. Before completely digressing though, toothpaste is an effective pimple treatment. Just like baking soda (discussed shortly afterward), alcohol, menthol, and hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste helps dry out your pimples as fast as an overnight sleep. The steps are just as simple as 1-2-3. Simply dab some tiny amount of toothpaste on the affected area. Leave it for at least 2 hours or, if you want, overnight. You can also do this in the morning provided that you have an ample time to really see the result before doing any daily activities. Wash it off before applying any soothing moisturizer and repeat it once to twice daily for a week or two. Before trying it out though, bear in mind that whitening gel or colored toothpaste does not work and should be avoided. Only use the white classic variant. Also, if it causes irritation, just try some natural remedies.
3– Honey and Cinnamon Healing Mask
Antioxidants such as omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin B3, and a vitamin C-derivative SAP or sodium ascorbyl phosphate are all effective pimple treatment. Though these nutrients aren’t found in honey and cinnamon, both superfoods are still rich in other antioxidants that can fight bacteria and treat inflammation, reducing the risk for pimples and acne in the process. To make a face mask using those two ingredients, mix together 3 tablespoons, preferably of manuka honey, and a tablespoon of true cinnamon, and microwave it for half a minute. When it cools down, apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for roughly 10 minutes before rinsing it off.
4– Cornstarch and/or Baking Soda
Cornstarch is a great option for red and blotchy skin imperfections. For one, it’s gentle. It also helps lessen the oil that clogs up pores by removing and absorbing the excess amount on the face. And aside from helping clearing up acne, it soothes the prone skin as well. Simply mix it in with water to make a paste and apply it to the affected area. You can let it dry for as long as you want before rinsing it off. Baking soda has the same effect too. To make the most out of it, simply follow the same steps of adding water to make a paste (you can also use lemon juice) and applying it on your face, allowing it to dry before rinsing it off. A quick reminder: leaving them for a longer duration can cause dryness and even irritation. You can repeat this process two times a day. They are all cheap and natural, not containing any chemicals or any other ingredients that could harm your skin, making them a potent pimple treatment.
5– Apple Cider Vinegar
We’ve known apple cider vinegar so well that it shouldn’t be a surprise to know it’s a potent pimple treatment too. This fermented juice from pressed apples is just like other vinegar, which contains antibiotic and astringent properties that can fight bacteria, viruses, and other acne-causing pathogens. Simply mix in 1 part of unfiltered apple cider vinegar with 3 parts of water; add some more water if you have a sensitive skin. Dip a clean cotton ball in the mixture, apply it to the pimples, and leave it there for at least 5 minutes before washing it off. Put some moisturizer to manage the dryness and repeat the steps twice a day until improvements are noticeable.


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